Attract Prosperity With Clubshop
"You are going to become a prosperous online entrepreneur, free to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve, with no more worries about your financial future. You are the director of your life, everything depends exclusively on you, and this is the story of how you’re going to become such a prosperous person." - Fabrizio Perotti, Proprofit Worldwide
Fabrizio Perotti, CEO

Season 1

"Attract prosperity with Clubshop" is a short video series that includes the essential information you need to know to better understand how this fantastic business works.

But, above all, it incorporates some authentic pearls of wisdom, extrapolated from the basic concepts of the science of getting rich, applied to your Clubshop business.

Episode 1: The Clubshop Mission and The Golden Rule.

Loyal to the same noble mission since 1997, at Clubshop we're exclusively focused on elevating the standard of living of humanity.

Episode 2: The only requirement you need to succeed.

The only magic requirement you need to succeed (...success is like beauty; it comes from inside). What’s this magic element?

Episode 3: What’s the Clubshop and what’s in it for you.

Clubshop’s concept is very simple to understand and this short video explains it clearly.

Episode 4: How the GPS is going to build the market you need to prosper.

As a Clubshop Partner, you’re going to build, virtually on auto-pilot, a great passive income based on every single purchase made by thousands of happy and loyal customers worldwide, month after month.

Episode 5: Coop: your infinite stream of potential Shoppers and Partners.

Common people are not necessarily skilled in marketing, or extremely passionate about selling. Right? Well, we got the solution! Watch this episode to find it.

Episode 6: How the TNT component builds and boosts your business growth.

One of the unique and most outstanding aspects of your Clubshop business is the automatized Teamwork created and managed by your GPS!
TNT (Taproot Networking Technique) is the component of your GPS which makes it possible.

Episode 7: Successful people Vs. Procrastinators.

- Successful people make decisions quickly and change them very slowly (if ever).
That's why we designed the TNT to help even the most inveterate procrastinator to become a successful decision-maker. Let’s see how!

Episode 8: Fast Start Bonus; a powerful spark to speed up your income building process.

Where do these incredible GPS earnings come from?
To better understand this, you need to know that you basically have two different kinds of income as a Clubshop the video to learn more about them.

Episode 9: 30 days to see with your eyes what you couldn’t believe otherwise!

So, the question is: why is not every human being involved in Clubshop?
Well, because they don't...(watch the video to learn more!)

Episode 10: Your ultimate goal as a Clubshop Partner: to enjoy a large, increasing passive income.

Let’s see what passive income and financial freedom are and how GPS works to build them for you.

Episode 11: The Infinite Clubshop Business Cycle.

Work with the peace of mind of knowing that whatever passive income you'll have created, it will not evaporate overnight.

Episode 12: What you can do as a Partner to help your business building process.

Clubshop instead invested millions of dollars on countless active partners, to reward them for the help they offered in pursuing Clubshop’s mission.
Now you can be one of these happy Partners too!

Episode 13: How to prepare to succeed and get instantly started.

If you profoundly believe that you deserve to be wealthy, and you can see yourself like that, that's what you're going to become. You need to hold the...

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