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By registering as a fe-Commerce Merchant Affiliate, you commit to upholding the principles outlined in the Charter of the fe-Commerce Merchant Affiliates.

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Join Us as a Merchant Affiliate and Fuel the Next Shopping Revolution.

Merchants and shoppers unite to boost purchasing power, revitalize local businesses, and enhance overall quality of life.

Expand Your Reach Beyond Limits.

As a Clubshop Merchant Partner, your business transcends local boundaries.

Envision a scenario where your revenue surges from sales across thousands of online and offline stores while numerous businesses eagerly drive their customers to your establishment effortlessly.

Elevate Your Business to New Heights.

At Clubshop, we craft inventive strategies to cater to businesses like yours, making them the preferred shopping venues for our Members.

Our goal is to deliver a consistent flow of devoted, repeat customers to your doorstep without any initial expenses or investments. But the best part? We can offer you even more!

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Deposit an amount that suits your business. This will be used to reward our members with cashback every time they purchase at your store.

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Clubshop Members will scan your QR Code and present you with their payment amount. Simply enter your secret PIN to authorize the cashback.

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Merchant Affiliate Requirements

You need to meet these minimum requirements to be approved as a Clubshop Merchant Affiliate:
 I own and operate an active business.
 I understand I will need to pay chosen commissions on products sold to Clubshop Members.
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Merchant Affiliate Requirements

You need to meet these minimum requirements to be approved as a Clubshop Merchant Affiliate:

You must own and operate an active business.

You acknowledge that you will need to pay the selected commissions on products/services sold to Clubshop Members and will not offer to substitute this benefit with a discount.

Do You Want More?

Once registered as a Merchant Affiliate, you have the option to upgrade to a Vested Income Partner on the next page by subscribing to the monthly GPS (Global Partner System) plan.

With GPS, you gain access to our complete business infrastructure, enabling you to expand your business globally in a more professional and efficient manner.

As a Vested Income Partner or VIP, you can also build a substantial Leadership Income. (For more details, refer to the VIP Business Plan)


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