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"Imagine being the owner of a huge International Shopping Center"

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A Business On Auto-Pilot For Everyone

Become a Real Clubshop Partner now by activating your Global Partner System or GPS. You'll own your fully managed and automatized 3D shopping mall starting at $14.90/Month only! No Obligations, and you cancel at any moment.

Fully Managed Advertising Service

Our exclusive advertising service attracts new potential customers and affiliates to your shopping mall every month. Every GPS pack includes a specific number of so-called COOP advertising shares.

These shares entitle you to receive a minimum guaranteed number of targeted people every month. As a GPS subscriber, you are even entitled to order additional shares when you need them.

Vendors Research And Management

There is No need for you to market your business and get selected merchants for your mall.

We do it all for you! We market, negotiate, do the agreements, and manage them.

You just have to receive your commissions if they are produced.

You Got TNT: The Unique, Explosive Marketing Strategy

The revolutionary and exclusive Clubshop's marketing strategy. Throughout the years, hundreds of companies have tried to copy the extraordinary technique invented by Clubshop back in 1997.

TNT kept evolving during the past decades, and now you can take full advantage of its unbelievable potential to develop your business virtually on auto-pilot.

Financial Data And Reporting System

One of the best parts of being a GPS subscriber and Clubshop Partner is looking at your growing reports while you're laying on a beach or you sip a cocktail by the swimming pool. We love to see our Partners doing that. All data are updated in real-time and available 24/7, to help you enjoying life even more.

Strategic Planning

You can sleep calm nights of sleep, rely confidently on the visionary Proprofit's management team, and be sure that your Clubshop Business will keep evolving in the years to come. Proprofit Worldwide LTD, the owner of The Clubshop Rewards Program, has great development plans to accomplish.

And Clubshop GPS Partners will always be the first ones to be entitled to take advantage of all of them.

Exclusive benefits for your Mall's Customers

Consumers are always looking for the best deals available. Your Clubshop Mall includes many of the biggest retail names worldwide. You take advantage of their dominant position on the market and the special offer they can make available from time to time. That's how we help you to increase even more your sales.

Expert Developers Working For You

The work needed to bring you all this simplicity and peace of mind is huge and incredibly complex. Nothing of all this would be possible without an expert team of developers working non-stop to create, manage and update a system that never stops evolving. This team works for you, with passion, enthusiasm, and joy to make your life much easier.

“Having been online for several years with limited success, it is refreshing to have come across the Clubshop purely by accident. What I was expecting initially was just another sales funnel, what I got is a real tangible business that I can be proud of. For anyone looking to start a real online business, I suggest you take the time to really have a good look at was is on offer here; for me, it represents freedom—the freedom to do what I want whenever I want.”

— Wayne Lawson

- Clubshop Partner

"I love my job, and I love Clubshop. I love those who put passion, heart, and energy as I do. Nothing comes with nothing. Head down to the goal. I love my business; it completely fascinates me. Working without love is slavery. Thank you for existing Clubshop."

— Rosa Giannoccaro

- Clubshop Partner

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