Build A Successful Business with the minimum effort.

By activating your GPS, you automatically qualify as a Clubshop Partner.

As a Clubshop Partner, SOON, YOU could be able to Earn A Massive Monthly Passive Income produced worldwide by the daily consumption of millions of meals, groceries, clothing, travels, and whatever else you can imagine.

And by becoming a Clubshop Partner by Activating your GPS now, you’ll be in The Best Position to take advantage of the Profits Sharing compensation model when this enters into effect as per our business plan.

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Satisfaction Guarantee: Activate now your GPS Pro. You have no obligations, and you may cancel at any moment. Every following month you may decide to renew your GPS or not. We know you’ll be happy to renew it!

You will be billed the price exposed below a single time. The monthly renewal is not automatically billed.

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Clubshop does not provide refunds. You may cancel your membership at any moment through your dashboard.

Clubshop Mall - 1 month GPS Global Partner System

Clubshop Mall - 1 month GPS
Global Partner System

$49.90   GPS Price
$00.00   VAT
$49.90   Total
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  1. VAT will be added if you’re in a European Country.

Global Partner System


What’s the GPS? It is a complete business service, including your turnkey 3D Shopping Mall with hundreds of big-name stores included, ready to generate sales.

It also comes with a training program and business building system that will enable even a computer or networking novice to build a successful business and create a genuine residual income.

GPS Pro also comes with 7.5 Company Advertising Shares, which means at least 15 new potential customers and Trial Partners for your new Shopping Mall, with no effort on your side, every month, automatically!

$49.90   GPS Price
$00.00   VAT
$49.90   Total

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Skyrocket Your Growth

Whenever you want to speed up your business-building process, you can order more advertising shares to increase the monthly flow of new members for your Clubshop Mall market. They’ll be added to the advertising shares already included in your GPS subscription.

You'll never walk alone

Support team, coaches, and online community are always with you to help you achieve your income goals.

Enjoy your Clubshop Mall

As a Clubshop Member, you can also shop and earn cash back at hundreds of big-name stores.

Earn While You Learn

99.9% of people who know every aspect of the Clubshop business love it.

Even if GPS works mainly on autopilot, we consider it essential to encourage Clubshop members to broaden their knowledge. That’s why we’re happy to invest in their training.

For this reason, we’ve decided to invest in the “Earn While You Learn” program. Thanks to it, every action that increases your awareness allows you to earn valuable Tangicoin.

Even if earning all these Tangicoin so easily is an excellent incentive, the real aim of the EWYL program is to allow you to get the necessary education you need to become rich through your GPS business.

Let’s Work Together & Grow Your Business

GPS Makes People Happy

Building extraordinary lives for ordinary people.
Our dream and mission are to enable ordinary people to prosper. Not only super genii, marketing gurus, or outstanding public speakers.
Activate your GPS NOW!
Build a business while you enjoy life.
GPS performs all the most complicated and time-consuming tasks a business requires virtually on autopilot. So you don't need to sacrifice too much of your free time to build your GPS passive income.
Activate your GPS NOW!
Learn & Earn
Get started now and do nothing but watch one or two short video lessons per day to understand your GPS's full potential rapidly. You'll love what you'll learn!
Activate your GPS NOW!

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