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Activate your GPS and become a Clubshop Vested Income Partner automatically. As a Clubshop Partner, unlock the potential for a massive monthly passive income driven by global consumption.


Exclusive VIP Access

Exclusive Access

Gain full access to the Clubshop GPS suite of tools, empowering you to take charge of your business and propel it to new heights.

Passive Income

​Passive Income

Unleash the power of passive income and watch your earnings grow, even while enjoying quality time with loved ones or exploring new horizons.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Receive invaluable insights from industry experts, helping you confidently navigate the world of fair & ethical commerce.

Global Network of great people


Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals committed to creating a brighter future for themselves and others.

Global Partner System - GPS

GPS is a fully automated online shopping mall with a dedicated marketing platform and CRM System.

Clubshop was founded in 1997.

  • Complete business service with a turnkey Shopping Mall and hundreds of big-name stores.
  • Training program, complete marketing, and CRM platform.
  • A unique business-building system for novices and experts to build a successful business worldwide effortlessly.
  • ​Access to the Company’s Advertising Cooperative System.
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I am truly excited about my Clubshop Business, and ever since I joined, I've consistently felt a sense of personal growth and value. While it's our responsibility to chart the course to our own happiness, Clubshop provides the assurances needed to navigate that journey successfully. Thank you! Salvatore M.

- Salvatore M.

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Clubshop is a fantastic business. I have been truly satisfied since I started my venture with this company. I've achieved remarkable results quickly, thanks to co-op advertising. I am very happy to have embarked on this journey and know I will go far. Thank you, Clubshop.

- Maddalena B.

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Hey there! I just had to share my experience with the Clubshop Global Partner System (GPS). As someone who has fallen victim to a few online scams before, I was skeptical about joining yet another online business. But let me tell you, GPS has been a game changer for me! Thanks to GPS, I finally have my own legit online business that I can be proud of. The program is so easy to use and the support team is always there to help if I have any questions or concerns.

- Michael P.

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Satisfaction Guarantee: Activate now your GPS ProYou have no obligations, and you may cancel at any moment. Every following month you may decide to renew your GPS or not. We know you’ll be happy to renew it! 

You accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by purchasing The GPS.

Clubshop does not provide refunds. You may cancel your membership at any moment through your dashboard.

Clubshop Mall - 1 month GPS Global Partner System

Clubshop Mall- 1 Month- GPS
Global Partner System

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Effortlessly Monitor and Control Everything with a Quick Snapshot!

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Why Subscribe to the Global Partner System?

  • Immediate VIP Status & Turnkey Platform: Subscribing to the Global Partner System (GPS) guarantees you immediate VIP status and provides you with a comprehensive, turnkey platform designed to facilitate the building of your monthly income, even if you have no prior experience.
  • Step-by-Step Passive Income: You will be assisted and guided step by step in building a passive income exceeding $10,000 per month derived from daily mass consumptions made at the world's best stores.
  • Global Commission Opportunities: As a GPS subscriber, you will have the opportunity to generate an additional source of direct commissions and leadership income through the sale of the same GPS subscriptions. It will be like having additional branches of ClubShop malls anywhere in the world.

Take The Next Step

Embrace the future of fair & ethical commerce, passive income, and global collaboration. Complete the checkout form above to claim your Clubshop fe-Commerce VIP status.


VIP Concept
(3 minutes):

Essential concepts about being a Clubshop fe-Commerce Vested Income Partner.

Free Global Market (15 minutes):

Learn how ordinary people leverage a Free Global Market for extra income.

VIP Business Plan
(30 minutes):

Speed up the entire business-building process and build a large passive income.

Ready to Create Your Monthly Passive Income? Let's Begin NOW!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Activate your GPS VIP with absolute confidence. You have no obligations, and you can cancel at any moment. Every subsequent month, the choice to renew your GPS is entirely yours. We're confident you'll be thrilled to continue the journey!

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Join the exclusive ranks of Vested Income Partners (VIP) with Clubshop GPS, and you'll discover why 99.9% of individuals familiar with every facet of the Clubshop business absolutely love it.

Elevate your experience with the VIP upgrade status, unlocking unparalleled benefits and opportunities. As a VIP, you not only gain access to an exceptional support network but also enjoy a tailored approach to maximizing your income potential.

The VIP status is a testament to the extraordinary satisfaction our partners find in their Clubshop journey. Embrace the VIP experience – where success is guaranteed, and your satisfaction is our priority.

Start building a brighter future now! No more worries about money.


The GPS is a comprehensive online business service that offers a turnkey Shopping Mall with hundreds of big-name stores.

It provides a unique business-building system, complete with a Marketing and CRM Platform for both novices and experts, empowering anyone to effortlessly market their exclusive Online Mall worldwide.

Clubshop Global Partner System provides everything you need to succeed—the fastest way to make money online.


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What could you do a year from now, with a large monthly passive income?



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