Become a fe-Commerce Merchant Affiliate

Boost Turnover, Gain Customer Loyalty, No Upfront Costs and earn from consumers worldwide even when your business is closed

Fair and Ethical Commerce

By registering as a fe-Commerce Merchant Affiliate, you commit to upholding the principles outlined in the Charter of the fe-Commerce Merchant Affiliates.

Lift Your Business to A New Level.

At Clubshop, we create innovative strategies to help businesses like yours meet our Members’ needs and become their favorite shopping destinations.

We aim to bring you an increasing stream of loyal, returning customers without asking you for any upfront cost or investment.

Sounds good, right? Well, we can do even much more than that!

1) Register your business for FREE.

2) Select the percentage you'd like to offer for every purchase made at your store by Clubshop's Members.

3) Top-up your Clubshop rechargeable Account with a deposit from which we'll deduct the agreed commission when a sale is authorized by you.

4) Wait for our Members to come and shop at your store(s).

Clubshop fe-Commerce
Boosts your Success

What if your customers, along with thousands of other consumers worldwide, could help generate automatic profits for your business, even when they shop at thousands of other Clubshop stores, both online and offline?

Discover 10 Compelling Reasons to Join Clubshop's fe-Commerce Merchant Affiliate Program.

1) Our Team Works For You 24/7

You’ll have an entire marketing organization eager to promote your business and send you an ongoing stream of new loyal customers at no cost for you.

2) No Investments, No Risk!

You won’t pay a dime if no sales are generated by our program.

3) You Choose What Let You Sell More.

You decide the percentage you consider fair to pay us for every sale we generate for you.

The higher the percentage, the higher the Cashback incentive for our Members to shop at your store.

4) The Greatest Loyalty Program You Could Ever Offer.

You have instant access to the most complete, innovative, and effective loyalty program you could ever offer your customers, with zero investments.

5) Increase Your Turnover With No Risk.

A fairly rewarded and satisfied customer comes back with much more frequency and willingness to spend more at your location.

That’s what improves your Purchase Frequency Rate and Average Sale Value drastically.

We help you to do that with no investments on your side.

6) Earn even when your store is closed.

As a Merchant Affiliate, you can activate Clubshop Membership for your customers, earning commissions on their purchases at any Clubshop Merchant Affiliate store, online and offline, for years to come.

They enjoy cashback, and you benefit from commissions—a genuine win-win.

Plus, you can also earn commissions from thousands of other shoppers, even when they shop elsewhere. That’s the magic of the fe-Commerce Free Global Market.

7) Your customers become even more valuable.

Your customers will remain a true asset, even if you’ll decide to close or sell your store(s) one day, as they’ll keep generating commissions for you at every Clubshop Purchase while they keep accumulating Cashback.

8) Reduce your tax bill.

You can lower your tax bill: ask your consultant how to deduct the sales commissions from your income tax return to reduce your tax bill.

9) Increase your buying power.

As a Clubshop Merchant Affiliate, you’re also a Clubshop Member enabled to shop at every other Clubshop Affiliate Location online and offline to earn Cashback on your everyday purchases.

10) Expand Your Horizons with GPS.

With the Clubshop Global Partner System (GPS), you can instantly upgrade your status to Vested Income Partner, gaining access to our entire business infrastructure.

This empowers you to grow your fe-Commerce Global Market faster and earn from a more prominent global organization whenever fellow shoppers earn cashback at any Clubshop affiliate store, whether online or offline.